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On: February 09, 2014

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Participation in a trade show can be daunting.  Reviewing the Exhibitor Service Manual and contacting your Exhibitor Services Concierge will ensure successful preparation that will result in a smooth move-in and move-out so that you can concentrate on maximizing your return on investment.

Is it important to read the exhibitor manual?
Before doing anything else, read the exhibitor manual from cover to cover. Review key points with staff that will be on site.

Is there a standard booth size?
A typical booth is sold as a 10 x 10 space —that's 10' wide by 10' deep. It is a standard "pipe & drape" booth with a curtain backdrop that is 8' tall x 10' wide, flanked by two similar side panels that are 3' tall by 10' deep.  Venue configuration may result in a different booth size.  The booth size and number is determined by show management and typically appears in the contract you receive when you sign up to exhibit at a show.

My booth equipment includes a 6’ draped table, but I need a 4’ draped table.  Can I trade?
Items that are provided as part of your booth package have no trade-in value.  If you desire an item that is not listed with the booth equipment, you must order that item separately at the published price.  Ordering early will qualify for discount pricing and will save you money.

What is the difference between advance price and floor price?
Materials ordered with full payment up to two weeks before the start of the show qualify for a discounted price.  Orders received after this date and on the show floor will be provided at the standard price.

What forms of payment are accepted by Brede?
  1. Wire transfer – Be sure to include the show name, your company name, booth number, country and bank where transfer originated.  Wire transfer account information is available from your Exhibitor Services Representative.   
  2. Credit card – We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
  3. Check – Be sure to include the show name, your company name and booth number on the check.
  4. Cash – Please do not mail cash.  Cash payments may be made at the show.
May I place my order in advance and pay for it when I arrive at show site?
Ordering and paying in advance will result in significant savings.  Orders received without payment will not be processed.  

May I pay with a purchase order?

Purchase orders are not considered payment, therefore a check or credit card is required.

How do I order electricity? Internet connection?
Special exhibitor services such as electricity or Internet connection will be provided by the official show supplier.  Complete information about their service options, fees and how to order them can be found in your exhibitor service manual.

If I overpay on my account, how will my refund be processed?
All refunds are processed after the close of the show.

What is drayage?
Drayage, also known as Material Handling, is a service provided by the show contactor to exhibitors which includes the unloading of your shipment, transporting it to your booth, storing and returning empty crates and cartons, and reloading your shipment onto your designated outbound carrier at the close of the show.  Material Handling may occur at the advance warehouse or show site loading dock.  Exhibitors pay a fee for this service, which varies depending upon where the shipment arrives and when it is unloaded.  The fees are outlined in the Service Manual on the Material Handling Rate Schedule.  Material Handling fees are paid to the show contractor (such as Brede) and are separate and independent of freight transportation charges, which are paid to a freight carrier (e.g, Yellow Transportation, Roadway, FedEx).

What is CWT? Are there ways to save money?
Material Handling fees are calculated on a CWT basis (per hundred weight, or fraction thereof) per shipment, and vary depending on the type of shipment, the amount of handling, and the time of day.  Be sure to review these costs when you prepare your show budget.  You may contact Brede in advance to get an estimate of these charges.

How can I save money on Material Handling or Drayage?
Savings can be realized by shipping via common carriers to avoid possible special handling surcharges.  Furnishing accurate weight tickets with your shipment, proper labeling/addressing of shipments and scheduling shipments to arrive during straight time rather than overtime periods.  Consolidate your shipment whenever possible to avoid multiple minimum charges.

What are the advantages to shipping my materials to the advance warehouse?
The three main advantages to shipping advance to the warehouse versus directly to show site are:
  1. You can confirm your shipment has arrived and that everything is intact in advance of the move in date.
  2. Your materials will be delivered to your booth prior to your arrival on site.
  3. Delivery dates and times are more flexible.
What should I do if I arrive onsite and my freight is not in my booth?
Be sure to bring with you all shipping paperwork to include carrier name, phone number, tracking numbers, delivery address, delivery date, piece count and description of items.  Representatives at the Exhibitor Services Desk will assist you in tracking down the location of your freight.

Can I ship my booth and materials directly to the Show Site?
Shipments that are direct to show site must be delivered on exhibitor move-in days.  You may ship to the advanced warehouse up to 30 days in advance of the show.  Shipping information can be found in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

Can I carry my own materials in without using the freight handling service?
In most cases, an exhibitor may bring in what can be hand-carried in one trip without the use of the loading dock.  Refer to the union jurisdictions in your service manual for specific information regarding your area and show.

Can I set up my own booth?
In almost all cities, exposition halls are governed by existing union’s contracts.  Although exhibitors may supervise and direct local labor, actual installation and dismantling of your exhibit must be performed by the appropriate labor union.  If you have a “pop-up” booth that requires little time and no tools, you will usually be able to set this type of booth yourself as long as you are a full-time employee of the exhibiting company.

Can I move in early? / Can I remain in the exhibit hall to complete set up?
We understand that you want to set up as quickly as possible and you might need a little extra time assembling your exhibit; however, you must receive permission from the show management for an early move-in or to extend your stay.  While Brede has jurisdiction over the loading docks during move in and move out, we will work with the show management as best we can to accommodate your request

Can I use my own labor?
You are allowed to hire your own installation company if you wish.  This type of company is referred to as an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) or Non Official Contractor and you will need to make sure the appropriate forms and insurance certificate are filled out and submitted before the deadline date listed in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

If I order labor must I be present for the work to take place?
Exhibitors have two options to order labor – Brede Supervised or Exhibitor Supervised.
  1. Brede Supervised – for a nominal fee, Brede will supervise the installation of your exhibit in your absence so that it is ready when you arrive.
  2. Exhibitor Supervised – a representative from your company must check in at the labor desk to pick up scheduled workers.  Your employee is then responsible for supervising all work performed.
What do I do with my empty containers during the show?
If you have crates or boxes that you will need to pack up your booth equipment in at the end of the show, make sure to place empty stickers (which are available from the Exhibitor Services Desk) on them as soon as they are empty.  Empty containers will be removed from the floor and stored until the close of the show. You will not have access to empty containers during the show.  In most cases empty containers may not be stored in your booth during the show as it is a fire hazard.

When can I begin to teardown my booth?
You may not tear down your exhibit until the show floor has officially closed.

I have to leave early. Are there penalties for breaking down our exhibit booth before the official move-out time?
If an emergency arises and you must leave before the show closes, you should go to show management before departure.  Brede supervised labor may be hired to dismantle your exhibit.

What should I do if I have a question regarding participation in a tradeshow?
Brede Exposition Services Exhibitor Services Representative are always available to assist you.  Phone, fax, and email information is provided in each Exhibitor Service Manual.  Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


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