How to Partner for a Greener Trade Show

On: February 06, 2014

Tags: Green

As a good steward, Brede Exposition Services is committed to the greening of our industry.  We partner with associations to produce  tradeshows that are as eco-friendly as possible. 

Minimize energy use:   Brede maximizes production efficiency to decrease our time in the venue, thereby reducing the requirements for lights, power and HVAC during move-in and move-out times in the exhibit hall.

Booth and aisle carpet:   Brede secures carpet that is produced in part from recycled products.  Brede also recycles almost 50% of all carpet.

No idling:  Brede supports and encourages the Clean Air Idling Reduction Program.  Our "No Idling" program encourages and if necessary enforces the elimination of vehicle idling.

Exhibitor Service Manuals:   Brede offers online ordering and provides Exhibitor Service Manuals in electronic format for emailing, or via the Brede website, to reduce paper use.

Graphics:  Our inks are water based and biodegradable, and any of our graphics substrates at your request can be either reusable or biodegradable.
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